Days 53-63: DESTIN, FL!

Our favorite spot in the country. We are total beach people! I love any coastal area really but this water is just magical. The PNW was beautiful but it was hard just looking at the ocean and not getting in. This water is crystal clear, a light blue-green color that is just breathtaking and the softest white sand you’ll ever step on. It’s a place of healing for me, a landscape that just speaks to my soul and we all feel better after visiting. Not too many places you can say that about. That’s why it’s our favorite. We have so many memories of this place, these beaches along 30-A. We first visited when I was about 14 weeks pregnant with the triplets, just starting to really show and I had my 30th birthday there. This year, I celebrated my 40th birthday with some of my favorite people and it was the best! Hoping I get to celebrate my 50th there too!


Every family needs a spot that’s just theirs and always will be. We love going back to the same place every summer. It never gets old! I hope we can make it every year!

We stayed at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Santa Rosa Beach and it was awesome! Our site was huge and had a magnolia tree, a palm tree and pine trees all around it. The beach was usually always empty and the scenery around it spectacular.

We got to see family and we hung at the beach almost every day! Why wouldn’t you when the beach looks like this!?


My sweet daughter Annalise, accepted Jesus as her Savior early in the trip and wanted to be baptized by her Daddy in Destin so we did that one morning on our beach at the park. It was perfect in every way and a moment I’ll never forget and I know she won’t either.

We had our pics professionally take by the amazing Olive Gray Photography and I can’t wait to see all of them. She has shown me a few previews on my phone and I’m obsessed!   I can’t wait to share them!

The best news of the trip was Elijah’s cast was taken off and X-rays showed he was 100% healed and did not need another cast. So he was all about getting in the ocean and staying in the ocean. We would have to drag him out of it most days.

My beautiful kids belong in the water and just come alive in it. I love watching them at the beach and in the ocean, my little surfer babies!


It was so sad to leave. We spent 10 awesome days there and it was the best ending to our epic Lezonderlust summer. I still can’t believe we were at the most Northwest point of the continental US, saw Canada, then were so South that we saw Mexico from our window, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico in 65 days. It was a huge trip and I’m glad we did it but pretty sure we won’t be taking on such a huge trip in such a short amount of time ever again. We just missed so much. Next time, we will plan trips that allow us to stay longer.

Thanks for following along with us! We’ll continue to blog this year because we do have some trips planned. Disney is in November, December is full of work and travel and January we’ll be in FL. Who knows where we will be February and March! Stay tuned to find out!

We hope this has inspired others to get out there, explore, break out of the normal and live life to its fullest. Even though we aren’t traveling right now, it’s still our goal to live minimally, outside the box and spend as much time together with our family as we can. Life is so short and we are determined to live passionately, fully and expectantly, dreaming big and always looking for another adventure.

Love you all!

Rock on!

The Lezons


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