What we do for a living

Owning a RV has always been a dream of ours. We both were Navy brats and traveled a lot when we were little so being in one town and one place all of our lives has never been our thing.

Well, another dream we both had was owning our own business, working together and raising our family along the way. We’ve been married 18 years now, and for the first half of it, we did all the things you were supposed to. We owned a house, had 9-5 jobs and saved money. We were living the American dream so to speak.

And then we hit a road block when we struggled to have kids. We spent 5 years and a lot of money on fertility treatments. But it was all worth it when we got the surprise of a lifetime, that we were having triplets!

Then, life was all about babies and our routine. And we loved it. We went from zero to three overnight but we did it all on our own. We were an amazing team and loved being parents. Once they got a little older, I started dreaming again. A passion for photography grew and I loved doing it. Kris would handle the kids most weekends so I could shoot and my business took off from there. Then I started shooting weddings and fell in love! God put it on my heart to leave my FT job and focus on my dream so I took the leap of faith and He blessed it. I was able to work from home, keep my babies with me, and every year my business grew and grew.

Fast forward a few years, Kris starts dreaming too and his love of videos grows. Doing videos for our church, friends and of course me turned into him venturing out to weddings. Then we started working together and it was like a light went off. It’s really only by the grace of God that we got to where we are now. We dreamed big and last year, when we were at the Bethel conference, we both knew it was now or never. No more fear, no more holding back, no more questioning and debating. Life is so short and if we don’t take a chance now, we’ll regret it later in life.

So, fast forward to today, we are about to be 100% self-employed, traveling around and full time living in our RV, homeschooling our kids together, working along the way. For how long? We have no clue and it’s totally okay with us that we don’t know. Because we know God knows. And we trust Him because He has never let us down before.

What this last year has taught me more than anything else is that dreams do come true. I never really thought much about it before but everything Kris and I have dreamed about and for, God has delivered.

We dreamed of children and now we are a beautiful family.

We dreamed of owning a RV and now we are living in one.

We dreamed of owning our own business and working together and now we live this reality.

What else can we dream?! Instead of being fearful, we look at the future with expectancy and hope. With our God, nothing is impossible. He has shown us that in mighty ways so why not this too? Why can’t we succeed and flourish and grow? Why can’t we teach our kids better than a public school? Why can’t we travel and start booking weddings outside what is normal to us?

So here’s to dreaming! I hope our story can help others start dreaming again.

There’s a big world out there and we are ready for an adventure!

And if you need a photographer or videographer, please let us know! Our business has mostly grown because of our awesome family, friends and clients who refer us to others.

Silver Bear Creative  is our website and you can see more of my recent work on my blog. Email me at allison@silverbearcreative.com for booking. Dallas is always our home base but we will travel anywhere!

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